Posted by: Ron Eberhart | July 28, 2009

Tell us about your boating adventures or stories!!



  1. Come On members….tell us your stories. Surely you have one exciting boating story you want to share. Maybe your family is tired of hearing about this adventure. Well, here’s your opportunity to tell the whole world, at least those who find this blog.

  2. Here we go–I’ll start it off as promised at our latest membership meeting last Wed night at Hornville Tavern where our guest speaker Allen Campbell,for the third time visit, had his beautiful underwater photos. If you were’nt their you missed a great meeting. Speaking of not being their. We now have 59 members in the squadron. We had 7 members and 1 guest for our third annual Canoe outing. Thats a 12% participation. It was a lot of fun. See you all next year at the 4th annual Canoe trip.
    A boating memory I would like to forget.Maybe some of you have one that would fall in this category.
    Back in 1995 when we bought our present boat, 1995 27ft Sea Ray,we spent a week in mid July at Blue Springs Marina on the Tennessee River in the Watts Bar Pool.The first day out we pulled in a cove on the river to swim and mess around in the water.Our friends where with us on their 28ft Four Winns and the day was just perfect—-UNTIL
    we started to leave our anchorage.Normally I put out just one anchor and thats out the back end especially if we are in a secluded area,which we had been. Well for some reason ,only known by the God’s, I put out two anchors.The front one,on a windless and the rear anchor which was a mushroom type.As I sometimes do I was snoozing at the time everyone had decided to go back to the marina so when I awoke and everyone was preparring to leave I immediately pulled up the rear mushroom anchor but forgot the front anchor was out. I cranked the engine and started idleing out of the cove. At the time Karen noticed the front anchor was still out the movement of the boat forward was enough to arch the anchor rope enough to get caught in the prop. Well the fireworks started. It lasted about as long as a firecracker.The rope wound up on the propeller–throught the anchor up in the air behind the boat–spun the prop of the shaft–and ruinned the lower unit. So the feelings of having a great time to a small disaster happened in an instant. To shorten the rest of the story. They had to lift the boat out and place it on my tralier. We ,Karen and I, drove to Knoxville to the Sea Ray dealer where they had it fixed on the second day it was in the shop. If I remember the out drive and prop had to be shipped from Michigan.
    That first evening the boat was in the shop we spent in a motel and had’nt even thought about calling our friends to come to the motel. They stayed at the marina that night without air conditioning. It was dead still and 100 degrees that night. Of course we where in the motel comfortable. My friend Dave never let me forget the motel as well as my outstanding boatmenship memory. Ok I barred it all. NEXT

  3. Well, first – in response to Rich’s story. One small detail he forgot to include: we had just taken delivery of this new boat and this was our FIRST time on the water with it. What a way to “break-in” a new vessel !!!!

    Now, my turn. The Rombauers do have a history of vacation disasters, both on the land and on water. And I was thinking about telling you of our other Most Memorable Disaster trip back in 1989. But, instead of recounting another horror story I think I’ll switch over to a Most Pleasurable story instead. After that first introduction to Watts Bar Lake, over the years we’ve spent a considerable amount of time on the chain of lakes that make up the Tennessee River system between Knoxville, TN and Florence, AL and these have become our most favorite boating venues. Each lake has it’s own personality, but all of them are peaceful, beautiful, relaxing, and just plain outstanding boating experiences.

  4. Our recent Evansville Bend Rendezvous at Grider Hill Dock & Marina @Lake Cumberland – Sept 18, 19, 20:

    Dick & Sandy Mahrenholz, Sam & Linda Richey, and Rich & Karen Rombauer (and Emma) arrived on Thursday afternoon and drove to the State Park Lodge for dinner. Delicious catfish, but no dessert.

    On Friday afternoon Leroy & Janice Elwood, and Tom & Carol Woods (from Bluegrass Squadron) arrived. No boating that day due to grey clouds, with rain on and off. We gathered for social hour at the suite shared by Elwoods and Mahrenholzs and then went to dinner at the Grider Hill restaurant. Good food, but a big disappointment because it was a slim menu since they’re getting ready to close for the season. In fact there wasn’t enough bread for everyone to have a sandwich!! But the bread pudding for dessert was scrumptious (even though some servings were noticeably larger than others).

    Saturday morning hailed the arrival of Tony & Stephanie Hawking (also from Bluegrass) who have retired to the Lake Cumberland area and dock their boat at Jamestown Marina. All 5 boats were cast off and headed to a favorite cove for fun and socializing in the sun. Since the water was only 77 degrees there were only 3 brave swimmers: Sam, Rich, and Emma. Mid-afternoon that party came to an abrupt halt at the sound of a HUGE boom of thunder. We scurried like mice to get the boats untied and running. Not fast enough, though – before we could get to the marina (and our covered slips), and without time for some of us to get the tops up properly – we found ourselves in a torrential downpour. After drying off we re-convened at the suite again – and this time we decided to bring our own food for a potluck dinner in the room. Meanwhile Henry & Gay Draper had arrived to join the festivities. Gay stole our hearts with her delicious turtle brownies, they went real well with the peanut butter pie we ordered from the restaurant.

    Some left early Sunday morning, but the rest of us gathered for a breakfast (again at the Grider Hill restaurant) before taking off for home in more rain. Even though Mother Nature did NOT play nicely, everyone who participated agreed that it was a fun and enjoyable time together.

  5. Nice video of our chili cook-off!!! Janice sure enjoyed that hot dog!!! No audio, though – any reason why not???

  6. Oh….the woes of winter. Let’s hope we have an early Spring….so we can get back to boating.

  7. Summer is winding down…and our annual Rendezvous…or also know as a “raft-up” takes place this Saturday, September 3rd…on Lake Barkley in Mammoth Furnace Bay. It is a “bring your own food and drink” get-together.

    Come and join the festivities for one last “fling” as summer heads into fall.

  8. Congratulations to Sam Richey as he was installed on April 2,1, 2012 as the new commander of Evansville Bend Sail and Power Squadron. This is Sam’s second consecutive year as commander and his third year as a commander. Good luck to Sam and his “Bridge Officers”…

  9. Evansville Bend members will be attending the District 24 Fall Conference in Columbus, IN on October 26th and 27th. Websites will be evaluated.

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